Emily Strong

Emily StrongPhD Researcher
University of Exeter

My research interests lie in understanding the environmental and social factors underpinning conservation conflicts. I am particularly interested in how interdisciplinary approaches may be used to address conservation challenges and inform effective management and policy decisions.

My PhD research is focussed on the environmental and social dynamics of lead ammunition use in the UK. Despite growing concern over the use of lead ammunition and it’s impacts on the environment, wildlife, and human health, is still widely used for game shooting in the UK and internationally. My research aims to integrate both natural and social science methods to understand differences in the use, distribution and impacts of lead and non-toxic ammunition on the environment, as well as investigating the social processes underpinning the transition from lead to non-toxic alternatives. I have an MSc in Biodiversity & Conservation from the University of Exeter (2017), and a BSc in Zoology from the University of Aberdeen (2016). Prior to starting my PhD, I worked as a Researcher in Ecosystem Health and Social Dimensions at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT), where I worked on projects relating to lead poisoning, avian influenza, and the impact of wetland landscapes on people’s health & wellbeing.