Dr Caroline Keenan

CarolineKeenanI am interested in applied research that examines the potential of law (in its widest sense, encompassing policy, practice and dispute resolution) to transform entrenched environmental conflicts. I have written widely on the development and impact of law and policy at points of social crisis and ‘moral panics’. I have for example, undertaken research on how police officers and crown prosecutors understand and use law in cases of child protection. I have a LLB and a PhD in law, both from University of Sheffield. I am also a trained, practicing mediator.

I was a research fellow on  an ESRC project Doing TB Differently, which examined ways in which people with different views on the debate around badger culling could talk to, rather than past each other. I have also been a senior research fellow working on knowledge exchange between scientists, ecologists, farmers, vets and wildlife groups on bovine TB. I have most recently been working on a project on the governance of local TB Eradication groups and a report (with Sarah Crowley and Robbie McDonald) on the social impacts of the Isles of Scilly Seabird Recovery Project for the RSPB.

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