Dr Cecily Goodwin


Research Associate

Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter

My research interests centre around applying ecological principles to address current management and conservation challenges. I am interested in how understanding the status, habitat associations and behaviours of species can contribute to more effective policy and management actions, such as encouraging sensitive management of protected species habitat, and interrupting disease transmission.

I am currently working as a research associate on the domestic dogs and guinea worm project in central and East Africa. My research involves understanding the dietary behaviours of dogs and how these contribute to the transmission of guinea worm among dog populations and between dog and human populations.

I am also interested in how vulnerable species can be protected in multi-functional and productive landscapes, and balanced with other management priorities. Additionally, I am keen on exploring how citizen science can be employed to gather useful environmental data and involve people in conservation. My PhD research focused on the status and conservation of hazel dormice in woodlands in the UK.

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