Wildlife Science

PhD Studentship:¬†Dormouse conservation and woodland management

  Despite their strict protection and major conservation efforts, populations of hazel dormice Muscardinus avellanarius in England and Wales continue to decline. Recent analyses by the University of Exeter (Goodwin et al 2017) identified a 72% decline in… Read More

PhD Studentship: Sustainable wildlife management on farms

  Rodents are a major problem on farms and present a threat to food security as well as human and animal health and welfare. Rats alone cost the UK about ¬£200M a year by consuming and contaminating growing and stored crops. The problem is… Read More

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Join us to work out the starling problem in dairy farms

Dairy farming is a major part of the Cornish economy. Although cattle usually graze outdoors, they tend to be housed in large barns/sheds over winter. At this time their environment can be severely affected by flocks of tens… Read More